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Tile and grout cleaning is very important in the high traffic areas of your house. Throughout a house, many different rooms may have tile and grout. From bathrooms and showers to kitchen floors and entryways, tile and grout make up the floors of your house.

In places like bathrooms where water or humidity build-up, mildew and mold can form in the grout. This sometimes goes unnoticed because the entire surface of the grout will turn darker at the same time. It can be unnerving to think that your grout is actually a couple of shades darker because of mildew. In places like kitchens, food spills and grease can soak into the grout. Tile and grout will gather all the dirt and sand from your shoes in entryways.

It can be difficult to thoroughly clean tile and grout. Typically you would have to spend a couple of hours on your hands and knees scrubbing. Avoid the aches and pains of cleaning your floor by calling Heaven’s Best Tile and Grout Cleaning.

Our Process

Heaven’s Best has made a process to thoroughly clean your tile and grout. The first thing we do is apply our cleaning solution to break up the dirt and grease that is stuck in the grout and on the tile. After letting the cleaner work its way into the surfaces, we then scrub the floor. We pay special attention to stains and the grout to ensure spot removal. After we have thoroughly cleaned every inch of the floor, we then apply a grout sealant. The grout sealant will seal and protect the grout from future spills and grime, keeping your floor cleaner for a longer time.

Our team is consists of trained cleaning technicians. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! Give us a call today and check out our other Services.

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